Initial Assessment $45
45 minutes   

Includes a personal profile: blood pressure, VO2 max, height, weight, body fat, lean mass, girth measurements, strength and flexibility protocols, basal metabolic rate, nutrition assessment, meal planner and goal setting.  

Leave GYM knowing your BodyAge in relation to your chronological age and also steps that you can take to reach your obtainable BodyAge.

Bring your calendar so that you can schedule your Personal Cardio Prescription session.

PS:  Make sure your toes are cute.  The Bioimpedance (body fat) scale requires taking off your shoes and socks.

Reassessment $30
30 minutes

Includes retesting of original protocol to measure results of training between assessments, includes printout comparing current results to past testing and updates your Polar BodyAge and obtainable BodyAge.  

We recommend doing the test 2 to 4 times a year to get the best results from your training.  


Polar BodyAge

Video Info: Through this virtual demonstration, you'll learn more about the Polar BodyAge System, which provides a person's biological age versus their chronological age and recommends a starting point for a personalized training program based on simple tests using heart rate, body composition, flexibility, strength and more.