Welcome to GYM!

GYM clients range from pre-teen to advanced age, deconditioned to elite athletes, pre- and post- rehabilitation to highly functioning.  We love them and meet them where they are.  We work to bring them to a point where they can 100% choose their activities because of their level of wellness, or take their performance to the next level.  They love us because our approach is individual and specific to them. 


The GYM Process

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Everybody has to start somewhere! We use cutting edge Polar BodyAge technology to perfectly design your fitness plan and figure out where we need to place our focus to bring you the best results possible!

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Using your assessment results, your trainer gives impartial but informed guidance. They will guide you on your journey, making sure you are always on track.

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A healthy life does not stop when you meet your initial goal. We want to help you be happy and healthy for the rest of your life! We will occasionally reassess and set new goals.


The Gym Family

GYM trainers and instructors are personal and caring, qualified, intensely motivated and FUN. We work together to share and enhance the group knowledge base. We are humble and are not afraid to say that we don’t have the answer and then we go and find it!

Over time, GYM has made friends with several community health-care professionals. These smart folks help to mentor and guide us to better care for our clients.



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