Your First Visit

Polar Body Age Assessment
This assessment uses several measurement to determine your physical body age. Feedback and suggestions for lowering your BODY Age results are a direct result of your age and gender rankings for each test. In the end you get a number you can chew on: your body age compared to your chronological age. Your trainer also has clear marching orders: impartial but informed guidance to help your body be younger.

For best results, please no heavy meal, caffeine or exercise for at least two hours before your test. You should drink plenty of water prior to testing and wear loose clothing. You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks, so make sure your toes are cute!

To make sure you are on track and we are giving you what your need, we encourage regular reassessments. If everyone does their job, retesting will show progress and shine a light on where we could focus more attention.

GYM Tour
Let us show you where the fun begins. Check out the equipment you will get to play on, learn where to leave your keys and check out our fun roommates.

We are pleased to share space with Dr. Lisa (Harrigan) Rudy of Harrigan Family Chiropractic 580.402.0963 and Angie Grothe of Thai Yoga Massage 580.665.3133. Both are available by appointment.

GYM Guide
With your assessment results tallied, you will be paired with hand-picked guide(s) to help you figure out a program you can stick with. GYM staff have expertise in building strength, endurance, and flexibility and have lots of tools to keep your program interesting!

Organizing your GYM Schedule
Hands down, frequency and consistency get the best results. We will book standing appointments, allowing your trainer or instructor to plan a program that works.

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Your Second Visit

Personal Cardio Orientation & Prescription
Use of the toys on the cardio deck is FREE! FREE! FREE! and encouraged! But, before you start, schedule an orientation! At the end of your half hour, you will have all the tools to play efficiently on your own, either here at GYM, at home or on the road.

We recommend that you purchase your own heart rate monitor, or if you are only using our equipment - a replacement strap. Get a Polar brand – they work on all of the cardio equipment. We will share until you can get your own.

Your Third Visit

Movement Screening
This is where we look for inconsistent movement patterns. Over the years we’ve found that old injuries tend to create bad habits. We want to make sure that you move in a way that is safe to load with weights.  Once you’ve checked out on this step, you are good to play!

Bonus Fun

Nutrition Coaching
If the assessment prioritizes changing your body fat percentage your best strategy is to get help with what you are putting in your body. Let us help to capitalize on your new fitness and wellness goals. Challenges in your daily life can minimize the results you get from exercise, these experts will work with you to help support the new lifestyle you are embracing.

Pilates Orientation
This 45-minute session will equip you with the basic information you need to know to jump into either a mat Pilates or Pilates Reformer class. Everything from where you should feel the movement to how to use the props… Classes can be fast paced, with little time for questions – get your answers here!